Last week, I wrote about the color trends for fall and there were so many great visuals (thanks to Lizzie Smithson and Isaiah Maldonado) that I held off including any pictures.  I thought I’d share a few examples of the color schemes and designers I referred to – mostly because I just love the colors…

Here are a couple good examples of the achroma (black, white, grey) palette:                  

Examples of the subdued palette:

The subdued palette also had options in paler shades:

Earth tones came in a spectrum of shades:

I mentioned that coral red and cobalt blue were not widely used, but they did show up as pops of bright accent colors:

I have to show a few examples of designers who strayed from the herd.  Purple and metallics were the least used colors for fall, but these designers used them the most:

Lastly, my favorite collection – hands down – was from Frida Giannini at Gucci.  Just had to include these pics…