I’ve been sucked into several NPR-related pop culture podcasts recently and I noticed that they offer a segment called “winners and losers” – highlighting someone they thought did something well and someone who, well, kind of embarrassed themselves.  I realized this would be great for the world of fashion, so I’m launching my own version:

Winner of the Week – Giorgio Armani

Armani recently criticized not only the menswear collections of Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, but went after the financial structure of Prada as well.  To be clear, I’m not celebrating trash-talking, because that’s not what happened here.  I love it when someone gives a clear, honest opinion, even if it isn’t positive.  Also, Armani is one of the few remaining designer labels still owned by the namesake designer.  That’s saying a lot in this world of M&A gluttony.  He must be doing something right financially.  So, on both counts – honesty and business acumen – kudos to you, Giorgio Armani.

Loser of the Week – John Galliano

I’ll probably get some flack for picking someone with addiction problems, but Galliano didn’t help his image at all with his testimony to French courts about his racial slur scandal.  Yes, he probably needs help with his addiction issues, but he was also a critical executive at a highly visible company.  Pull it together, man.  That kind of behavior wouldn’t fly for any other executive at any other company.