I spent last weekend in sunny New Orleans, eating and drinking way too much.  While I was trying to walk off my food coma, I noticed a commonality across NOLA tourists and locals alike…trilby hats.  There were a few Panama hats (much larger and a wider brim, all turned down) and a good number of porkpie hats (much smaller, with the brim all turned up), they were vastly outnumbered by the trilby.

I haven’t been to NOLA in several years so can someone tell me if this is recent or old hat?  Pun intended…

Me: "Can I take a picture of you?" Him: "You surely can!"

Trilby couple

John bought his right away

Jim got in on the action

Sneaky elevator shot

An entire carriage of them!

Street trilby

Poet trilby

Trilby enjoying some jazz

The trilby waiting for adoption